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03/02/2002 Entry: "Los Angeles Loves you"

Another post, this one from Feb 17th, this is about a bunch of the replies I got from people about the Limp Bizkit crap, and some fun Larchmontsux news. booya. Click comments to read the post.

LOS ANGELES LOVES YOU - Feb. 17, 2002: Posted by Sean
I'm not having any luck with GreyMatter. Well, what I should say is that the people trying to help me aren't having any luck with GreyMatter. I don't understand any of that stuff so I always have to get some outside help, and this time the outside help can't help. Looks like I'm screwed for a while. I do want to thank Chris for giving it the old college try though.

Before I forget I want to post this link. It just might be the best site on the entire Internet. And by best I mean Totally Sweet!

The e-mail over that Limp Bizkit thing is still trickling in. At least the flood has stopped. I 'm thinking I should post some of the better e-mails here. What do you think? Well here's one...


From: "Bradley B. (DJ Medi4)"
Subject: Re: Limp Bizkit post

Sean, Boy, oh boy...

My name is Bradley and I'm a DJ from So Cal. I read your post regarding Fred and his slimy ways, and I thank you for it.

My ex-girlfriend (and she's a psycho ex @ that) was Fred's first personal assistant (during the Significant Other recording and tour), and I got to know Fred pretty well. Yes, it's true. He's a moron, and thinks of no one but himself.

The only reason Fred is doing what he's doing is to become a film director, which terrifyingly enough, he's actually doing. You needed to look no further than not only the title of his last record (how many butt and poop references can you "cram" into "The Chocolate Starfish, etc"), let alone the lyrics which were 75% recycled from the first two records. Crap on top of crap.

Fred is really worried (and well he should be) because the real creative force of the band (Wes) got out while the getting was good--made his money and got out--smart kid--and truly nice, as well...

Don't worry, bubba--their time is done. You should be proud of yourself for sending out this email, as it's doing a lot to speed up their demise. I'm passing it on to everyone on my list, as well as a few music industry posts (no uncle-fuckers on these lists, btw), but it will surprise few. IMHO, the "rock-rap" genre is dead (look at the numbers for the Kid Rock record--it's a stiff). Now we can only hope his films blow as badly as he does, so he may just quietly go away.

People were saying years ago that he's a "Behind the Music" waiting to happen--much like Leif Garrett...

Good Luck and keep informing the masses...

Bradley Burlingame

"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it..."

PS. My revenge was drinking all his booze, borrowing his clothes, driving his SUV, fucking in his bed and hot tub, eating all his food... You see where this is going;)... Take care.


Wasn't that fun? Yeh, I got hundreds just like that. If you want me to post them, let me know.

Speaking of fun e-mails... If by some strange chance you live in Los Angeles ad you know what "Larchmont" is, then you might have clicked the link in the upper corner for "larchmontsux". Well Larchmont is a street, as street that a neighborhood is built around and for a few blocks has all kinds of shops and restraunts and boutiques and snotty people and everything else could hope for in a rich LA hood. Well it's not too far from my office so sometimes we head over there for lunch. It's not a bad place really, well it sucks, but there's places much worse. What is notable is how much the rest of the people there LOVE the place. Larchmont pride is everywhere. So, in my usual desire to stir shit up, we created the site. Then, we made about 5000 stickers and covered the street with them. The stickers say things like "I have material value" and "My dog shits on your sidewalk" and "Nice fake tits" and of course the URL.

We put all that up and just sat back waiting for people to flip out. So far it's been moderate. A few "why do you have to be such a jerk"s and things like that right along with "rad site bro!" or whatever. That was until Wednesday when we got this:


From: Elizabeth Poulos
Subject: "You're on the path of enlightment!!!!!!"


-What is goin' on. I'm taking a friend to the bank 'bout a week ago, and so I drop her off and shit. When she comes back to the car, she passes me this red fuckin sticker that screamed the epitomy of the constant shit i have had to endure the entire existence of my life, living by you know where!"

-So anywayz, my name is dan and my point is that Larchmont can suck my left nutz. I've lived on windsor bl.(4 blocks from l@3rcm*nt) since i was born, meaning quite unfortunately that all there was to do around here was go to fuckin larchmont. Yeah! Maybe at one point Larchmont was decent to hang out if you were a teenage kid who didn't have shit to do, know where to go, unless you wanted to rot inside your house. and sure, at one point I truly gave larchmont props, hell!, it was my neighborhood. But the ever expanding growth fake ass, phony mother fuckers running their flashy ass fuckin hollywweird, scientologist fuckin funded rich ass cars, suits, shoes, green, greens, ....masks!!!!

-I wouldn't know who to fuckin trust as a down to earth, real "HUMAN" being, at least unlessof course, i get to know the person.........

...........im fuckin stoned of my ass and i gotta go, so, all i gotz to say iz that, whoever you guyz are, you obviously live in the hood, so give a shout back, let me if there's anything i can do for the cause, for it would be an honor and a duty!

Write :www.danarchyburger@hotmail.com

peecindamiddoeest! -HUMAN(out)


It's letter's like that that make it all worthwhile.

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