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03/05/2002 Entry: "The Ozzman Cometh"

Just finished watching the "first reality sitcom ever", that would be the Ozbourne Family Show and I gotta say, that might have been some of the best television ever produced. If Caryn and I ever have kids, that's what the house is going to be like... Skulls, Devil heads, and cute little animals everywhere, and everyone screaming fuck at each other. It was beautiful. And seeing Ozzy tell Jack and Kelly to have fun, but not to drink or do drugs when they go out was priceless. Jack, e-mail me.

The past few months have been insane, as you might have gathered if you bother to read this site regularly. but all that is nothing compaired to the last few weeks. Just a few of the things I've been working on: Finishing up 3 different corporate freelance web projects, trying to secure new projects so that I can actually pay bills since I don't have a real job, dealing with the ever growing popularity of Burning Brush, planning a new business that is going to occupy yet another 100% of my time, looking for a house so that we can get out of this apartment and start paying a mortgage rather than rent, trying to do the math to see how we can afford this elusive house, buying toys, selling toys, buying art, selling art, I've started skating again and am trying to do it as much as I can and remembering just how much I suck at it, having friends, and friends bands come to town and trying to put them up and attend to their every need, or at least 2-3 of their needs. Yeah... whoah.. and that is just what I can think of this moment.

Speaking of bands, Grade is going to be here next week, and so is Hatebreed, I'm actually really looking forward to both of those shows. Catch 22 is playing with Grade which I'm looking forward to, not because I really want to hear them, but because I haven't talked to them much since I quit Victory about 3 years ago and it will be cool to see how they have been. I've never been too good at staying in touch with people. Oh well, what can a guy do. Anyway, funny story - After I left C22 was supposed to be putting out their next album on Victory, and since I'd pretty mcuh done all their art and design since their first album they asked me if I could still do it even though I didn't work there. No problem. So we tossed around ideas and I cam up with a concept for the design. Then, Tony at Victory told them that I was a traitor or something because I wanted to do something with my life that didn't involve Victory and that there was no way he would let me design their next record. So they caved, and said I wasn't going to be able to do it. Whatever, they are still young and Tony can get pretty bossy so I can't really blame them. Next thing I know the record comes out and it's the done up, and badly I might add, in the concept I proposed to them. Yeah... well maybe that wasn't such a funny story, but it's a story none the less.

That's a pretty god example of one of the zillion reasons the music industry blows. I'll leave it to Buddyhead to fill you in on the others. Today anyway, come back next week and I'll have something else to bitch about.

Oh yeah, skating... did I mention how incredibly horrible I am at it? That isn't really surprising because I was never any good to begin with. I started skating when I was in about 5th grade, back when it wasn't such the cool hipster thing to do. Skated quite a bit though high school, and when I moved to Gainesville for college (yeah right), and I realized I still hadn't gotten any better, I pretty much quit trying. I'd still push around because it is a hell of a lot of fun, but as for trying to land tricks and impress chicks (because it was the cool hipster thing to do by then) it just wasn't happening. Then I moved to Chicago, and holy crap does that town suck for skating. I have the utmost respect foor the kids who skate there. Really, the pavement sucks, the weather sucks, the cops suck, and everything about it pretty much sucks. So as a fun way to get from point A to point B skating just wasn't toping the list. I think I skated about 5 times the first 6 months I lived there and that was it. But now in sunny, lovely LA, it's actually feesable again. There's a coffeshop about 2 miles away and I've been skating there and back and having a blast. So yeah, yet another thing I'm yammering on and on about that there's no reason at all you should be interested in. Can I rake in the traffic or what?

I'll talk about something interesting tomorrow, I promise.

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You crack me up! Just thought I'd let you know.

I came here looking for information on the Wazzup AP legal thing that was in wired a while back. But this entry made me bust a gut.


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