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03/09/2002 Entry: "Life, the Universe, and Everything"

Last night Caryn and I actually left the house and went down to the ACME Comedy Theater on La Brea to see the J. Keith van Straaten show. That is basically a talk show, just like Conan or Letterman, but without all that pesky "being on TV-ness" to go along with it.

J. Keith is the guy who hosts "Beat The Geeks" on Comedy Central and his sidekick for this is Wil Wheaton. The house band is "Adam and the Chesters, staring Adam Chester," which as you might have guessed is one guy with a keyboard constantly chiming in. We had a blast! The show was really funny, fast paced, constantly mocking itself, and overall just a great way to blow $10.

The next show is on March 22, and the guests are Aisha Tyler (Talk Soup) and the Geeks (Beat the Geaks) and we're going for sure. Planning on being in LA with no other plans that night? Well, there you have it.

This probably isn't new to any of your but I'm a news freak. From having MSNBC on TV all day long in the background, to getting Reuters, CNN, & The Onion on my Visor Treo, I can't get enough of what is going on. And it's not specifically the big old War On Terror that has me either, it's just news in general and it's been going on LONG before Sept 11.

That said, I see a lot of messed up crap. None of it in recent history has been anything like this Hit and Run case in Texas. In case you missed this one, basically this chick, Chante, in TX was driving home, out of her head on X, (not the band) and plows into this guy walking on the streat. So far sad, but not really out of the ordinary. So instead of this getting thrown, the crashes though her windshield. Yeah, Ouch. A little weird, but still not big news. So now, with a guy she just hit on the street hanging out of her front window, this is where most of us would slam on the breaks and freak out, but Chante has a better idea. She drives home. Heads straight for the garage and locks up the car. Aparently this guy she hit just suffered an INSANE amout of lower body bone fractures, but had no life threatening injuries. He pleads with her to help him, and she decides it's better to just go inside and forget it. The next part of the story is sketchy and different from report to report, but either she went inside, hung out with her boyfriend (and by hung out I mean "did it") then comes back out and it like "OH YEAH! theres's this dude half alive stuck in my car", or she goes inside, does something comes back out to the guy still alive and pleading for his life, surprised that he's still alive she runs back in and calls her boyfriend to come help. their idea of help was to wait 2 days for the guy to BLEED TO DEATH, that's right, if at any point he'd been taken to the hospitol he would have been fine, then they pull out his body and dump it in a park. REALLY FUCKED UP. Want it to get worse? the cops found the body in the park, figured out right away he'd been hit by a car, and that he didn't die where they found him, but had no idea what was up and started talking about it in the papers. Some other girl who knew Chante saw this report and freaked out and told the cops basically - "hey this girl I know was making jokes the other night about hitting some guy with her car and how he was still alive and begging for his life so she just let him die and threw his body in the park."

After being arrested, Chante said she didn't call the cops right away because she didn't want to go to jail for doing drugs or hitting some guy with her car. Your right starsky, much better to go to jail for murder. What the hell is wrong with people that someone would think that not only was that the best thing to do, but that it was funny and worth joking about with friends the next day. I have a general dislike for most people anyway, but goddamn, if I hit someguy with my car and he was still alive begging for help, I'm taking him to get some help.

I don't know what my point is what all that, it's just been a long time since something really shocked me, and this did. Way to go Chante.

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