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03/18/2002 Entry: "The Grove, Bro!"

If you live anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area you've heard about this "Grove" thing. If not, here's the deal. Basically since I moved in there's this farmers maket place right around the corner by my house. It's petty much like the food court at the state fair minus the animal crap. I've been by a few times but never hearlly 'took it in" so to speak. Anyway, for the past year or so there's been some giant construction going on right next to it, and a barely visable Nordstrums sign. We all just assumed they were putting in a store or two. Anyway, the other day we hear all this chaos out the window. Fireworks and a lot of hoopala. Since we just happened to be watching the News, we took notice when they started talking about the grand opening o "The Grove" this new, hip, new, stylish, new outside mall kind of thing next to the farmers market. Wow. Who knew? I guess the goal is like some outside shopping district thing, but with closed off streets and crap.

So this weekend was the beig grand opening and some friends, the old lady and I, decide to walk over and check it all out. HOLY MACKREL! The place is huge first of all. People everywere. Tons of stores ( a bunch of which weren't open yet... Hello? If you had a store in this brand new mall, wouldn't you try real hard to have to store open for the grand opening of the mall? Well, I guess a lot of retails don't feel the same. Either that or a whole gang of people got fired over that junk). The usual suspects of course, Nordstrums, Barnes & Nobel, Crate & Barrel, Gap, but also stuff Like HAWK, yep Tony Hawk opened a skate shop, FAO Schwartz, and this AMAZING theater. After about 8 seconds of walking into the theater we knew we had to see something there.

This place is totally done up, 1940s style. All the employees are wearing those monkey butler suites, like you want to throw them a quarter and have them wind up their box and have their money dance for you. Nevermind. The entrance is like some HUGE grand ballroom, and the theaters... Dizam! Giant and really nice. So we checked out Mullholland Drive, since all four of us suck and still hadn't seen it. On a side note, I swaer to god the people in the row behind us were saying things like "that made no sense!" and "how could that happen" through the whole thing... where do they find these people...

There was also a big celebrity factor in the house, for those of you into that stuff. Right when we got there we saw MOJO JOJO, that's right in the flesh. Or plush anyway. Takin' pictures andhuggin kids, and doing all kinds of other non evil stuff. BUTTERCUP was there too. We didn't have the camera so Caryn wouldn't go hug her. Sissy. Barbie was there too but that wasn't nearly as impressive. Then we saw David Foley and the kids. That rocked. Then Caryn saw a bunch of other people I've never seen or heard of but she was all excited about. Later that evening we saw Henry Thomas, (elliot from ET) who on his own right would have been a pretty good sighting, but next to MOJO JOJO... forget it.

So, overall opinion - the place was pretty cool. It will probably totally fuck the parking situation in my neighborhood, as well as cause a huge rent jump. Well, I'm moving away from here in a few months away when we get the house, so in the meantime I plan on taking in mattenees-o-plenty.

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Buttercup is the coolest of the Powerpuff Girls, and Mojo JOJO is their arch rival, a flying Monkey with a real funny accent!

Posted by sean @ 03/18/2002 01:28 PM PST

Who exactly if MOJO JOJO (Is is spoken Jo with an "H" sound or Jo as in G.I. Joe?) and Buttercup? Wicked...a question within a question! Henry Thomas in "All the Pretty Horses" sucked.

Posted by ze-mag of WWDN @ 03/18/2002 12:52 PM PST

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