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04/15/2002 Entry: "Dog Eat dog"

I just got this e-mail from Michael Moore and I thought I'd put part of it up on here for you all to check out. Really interesting stuff. Check out his site and sign up for the mailing list if you want to see the full message and get them in the future sent right to you.

"Dear Friends,

I woke up in Tampa, Florida, yesterday, picked up the Sunday newspaper,
and there it was: the New York Times today had declared that, for the
fourth week in a row, "Stupid White Men" is the #1 book in the country.
I am out of explanations at this point as to how this thing has stayed
atop on the Times bestseller list for a month. I've been informed that
the book is now in its 19th printing. Also, it remains #1 in Canada, and
it has gone to #1 this week in Britain and Ireland, according to the
Sunday Times of London.

All this has occurred in spite of a virtual press blackout on the book.
Or maybe because of it. The more the book is ignored by the media, the
better it does. So, if you are a newspaper editor or a TV producer,
PLEASE do NOT pay any attention to this book! Just because more
Americans are reading it than any other book in the country for the past
month should NOT persuade you to ask crazy questions of yourselves like,
"How can this be happening when the 'President' has the highest approval
ratings ever?" Just concern yourselves with repeating your mantra of the
past 7 months - "America Loves Bush! America Loves Bush!" It's a
comforting mantra, one that seems to bring you solace at a time of
journalistic confusion. It's also simple and easy to repeat - and it
means that you don't have to go out and do the work you are supposed to
do (like rooting out the Enron-backed criminals in the White House or
finding out what really happened before and after September 11th ).

The front page of the Tampa Tribune yesterday was all ablaze with the
news about the convention of Florida's Democrats on Saturday in Orlando.
There was a color photo of a smiling, waving Al Gore. Lieberman was
there and so was Kerry and a host of other stars of the Democratic
Party. About 2,500 Floridians were in attendance.

But in Tampa, on that same night, I was looking out from the stage at
the Sun Dome at a crowd of nearly 7,000 people who had come to the
"Democracy Rising" rally organized by Ralph Nader. Tampa has now
produced the largest crowd of the book tour (I signed the 2000th book of
the evening somewhere around 2am). This is 3 times the crowd that the
Democrats got and, again, there is virtually no coverage.

But remember - it NO LONGER MATTERS that most of the media ignores the
real news. It no longer matters because much of the media has chosen to
make itself irrelevant through its lazy reporting, sleazy presentation,
its obedience to the corporate agenda, and all the blowhard pundits who
scream out their useless opinions. A political shift has occurred in the
country and the media has completely missed it. We have become a nation
where the majority of citizens are very liberal and progressive on the
issues. The majority of Americans now call themselves pro-environment,
pro-choice, pro-labor, and anti-Big Business. 154 million out of the 200
million voters in this country did NOT cast a vote for George W. Bush.
That is the America in which we now live. Liberal, progressive, and sick
of the stupid white men who run the country."

He then went on to talk more about this stuff, the Dems and a few other things. He also added a post script which get's right to the point of this whole media thing.

"PS. I have just landed in Dallas and turned on the TV. A representative
from the humanitarian aid group, Oxfam, is describing the massacre of
Palestinian civilians and children by the Israeli army in the Jenin
refugee camp. It is shocking and horrifying when terrorism is committed
by desperate suicide bombers. It's beyond belief when that terrorism is
committed as an organized act by an avowed democratic state. Twenty
Palestinians lined up against a wall and executed? Ten-year old children
burned to death after soldiers set their homes on fire? Are we funding
this? Yes, bring to justice those specific individuals who have
committed acts of murder against Israelis citizens. But execute the
innocent? Has everyone gone insane? What are we going to do to put a
stop to this? For God's sake, we can't wait for Bush to find out where
the West Bank is located on a map. "

This is really important people. The news at 10 on your local station IS NOT LAW. Look around and find out what the hell is happening. This isn't a new peoblem.

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