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06/19/2002 Entry: "PCS my ass"


Morgen was mad and wrote this. I laughed and put it up here. Enjoy


Sprint PCS sucks. Everyone knows they suck. EVERYONE. So I have a Sprint PCS phone, and that's cool. It works fine. I usually pay my bill on the Sprint pcs website, and that's cool. It usually works fine. But this time, fuck them. I just moved June 1. I gave my credit card company my new address around then, and last week my cell phone bill was due so as usual I went to the Sprint site to pay with said credit card. I notice the address is there already, so I click the link to change it. Then I go back to the pay page and the address is still wrong. What the fuck? I thought the internet is all digital and shit and everybody knows that digital means instant. So I'm pissed but I want to keep my phone on so I call them and this woman comes on and it's not a real person. It's Claire. She's my virtual assistant. She wants me to tell her my problem, so I say "uh, your company sucks" and she says, "sorry, I didn't get that. You can say things like 'I want to pay my bill...'" At that point I just hit '0' a bunch of times thinking I'd get a
real person. Eventually, after I'm told I can go to the sprint pcs website for help, a woman picks up and I tell her I want to pay my bill, but that I have to change my address first. So she asks if I'm at this address and it's my new address that I just entered on the web. I guess it is pretty instant after all. Then there's another address in their system for some reason, so I have her change that too. She asks me how to spell Los Angeles. So she changes both addresses, and she takes my credit card number but it's declined. She says the address doesn't match. I remind her that we JUST changed it. She then thinks maybe it has to be exactly the same as with my card, so she tries apt. instead of # and shit like that, but nothing works. She then suggests it's a problem with my credit card at which point I remember that a year ago, the last time I moved, I had the same problem with Sprint. She says she can't do anything else so I get all mad but I just ask how much longer I have to pay. It's a week so I figure I'll just pay online when my new address actually gets out there on the web. I check the site a few hours later, but it's still my old address. I guess it's just too soon after my move to give Sprint money. So now it's a week later and I go back online to pay my Sprint bill. Cool, my new address is on there...this should be no problem. I enter everything and I get this message all in red: Credit Card Declined We cannot complete your transaction. The address in our system does not match the address at your issuing bank. Your credit card was declined. Please try making a check by Web payment or call customer care at 888-211-4727 and select the option to speak with a representative.

Fuck. Not again. I hate calling them, so I call my credit card instead and ask them to tell me exactly how they have spelled my address. They comply sounding a bit confused, and guess what...it's exactly the same as the site so I try again on the site and I get the same message. Ahhhhh! I reluctantly call the 888 number and it's my old pal Claire. I skip her with the '0' thing and wait for two minutes. I then hear a click and the phone dies. What? Their hold system hung up on me. I call right back, much angrier, thinking about how silly it is that I'm having this much trouble giving them money. I wait another two minutes when some dude picks up and mumbles "Thanks for calling. Sorry, our system is down, please call back in two hours, or I can help you with any general questions." I tell the guy that they suck and slam down the phone and actually scream. The woman who sits outside my office looks over then quickly back down at her keyboard. I'm a little embarrassed, so I call her on the phone and apologize, blaming
that damn Sprint. Three hours later, I try the web one more time, but the option to pay with a credit card is gone. Ahhhh! Maybe they're back up on the phone. Claire is there, she gets someone to help me...Nice calming hold music...a woman picks up, "sorry our system is down, please call back in two hours, or I can help you with any general questions." What? It's been three hours I tell her and she says "Sorry for the inconvenience (she stumbles over that word even though I bet she's said it 100 times today)." I ask about the site and she doesn't know shit. She ends up having nothing to tell me. She's a Sprint idiot. A Sprintiot. I ask her to put Claire back on, but she doesn't know how.

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well contrary to you people,
I have had no problems
with my sprint pcs service, billing, phone, or anything else with them for that matter. They have the best billing plan suitable for my needs and my phone works great!

Posted by LightFoot @ 06/25/2002 03:24 PM PST

If you think about it.. all phone companies are the same. But the problem that I had with Sprint is enough to make anyone go postal on their asses. I have had my Sprint phone for over 3 years. I kept going over my minutes so a "friend" of mine told me about a new deal. 3500 minutes for $39.99 per month (still a rip OFF). I changed my plan and the very next month I got a bill for $209.00. I called Sprint and talked to Claire for about 15 minutes, then hit the "0" until I got a real person, "Ron". Well, I told Ron the problems that I had with a $209.00 phone bill and he relayed to me that I went over 200 minutes. "200 minutes???" I said. "yes." "How is that possible? I sleep at least 8 hours a day, I work at least 8 hours a day and you are trying to tell me that I have been on the phone for a solid 58 hours in one month?" "yes. I think you need to talk to Customer Service". He transferred me, and the phone hung up. I called back. Claire answered, I did the "0" "0" and got "Joan". I explained my problem to "Joan" and she said she would transfer me to Customer Serice. "Please don't cut me off" "Oh, I won't". I tell Customer Service my problem: "Let me go and look up your bill". I wait 5.32 and the music stops, someone picks up, then hangs up. I am SO pissed!!! I call back. I didn't even give Claire a chance to speak. "0" "0". "George" answers, and I say "Can I please have Customer Service without you hanging up on me?" "Well, what's the problem, and maybe I can help you". "No, you can't. Customer Serice please". "Let's see if I can help". I explain the story, adding the last 2 times I have been hung up on". He transfers me to customer service. I speak with customer service, and declare "CUT MY PHONE OFF NOW!" "What's the problem?" I explain, AGAIN. "Well, I can't cut your phone off, I have to transfer you." I get hung up on. MOTHER FU**KER! I call back, "0" "0", "send me to the person that cuts your phone off!" "Can I help you?" "NO, SEND ME TO THE PERSON THAT CUTS YOUR PHONE OFF". I get transferred. "CUT MY PHONE OFF" "Well, let's see, you have a $209.00 balance, how would you like to pay that?" "I'm not calling YOU to pay my bill, I could do that online. You have fucked up my account, now please, pretty please with sugar on top and a bright red cherry, CUT OFF MY FUCKING PHONE". "What IS the problem?" "The problem is YOU suck, your COMPANY sucks and it is ripping me off for the last month! CUT OFF MY FUCKING PHONE". "Well, I see here, you went over your minutes last month by 200 minutes, that is why your bill is so high this month". "You know what? You people are ripping me off! 200 minutes? EXACTLY 200 minutes? Not 198 or 204? 200 minutes? CUT OFF MY FUCKING PHONE!" "Well, if you are having problems keeping up with your minutes, we have another offer that we don't tell anyone about except our 'special people', would you like to hear about it?" "Look, I'm not retarted. I don't need to hear about any 'special people' plan, cause you could have told me about that plan before. What? Do you have to be ready to kill your Sprint phone before you get the 'special people plan'? I don't think so. CUT MY FUCKING PHONE OFF!" "Well, you know you are under a one year contract?" "I have had my phone for 3 1/2 years, I DON'T have a contract." "Let me just check for you." "DON'T hang up on me!" She comes back on the line, and said that I will have to pay my bill through the next 34 days, as that is when the billing period ends. "Just another way to rip me off! FINE, JUST CUT MY PHONE OFF." "one moment". She comes back on the line and says "Your phone has been cut off.." and I hung up as she continued to talk.
I hate Sprint! They will rip you off before you can yell "Rape!" and I will sell my phone (as you can ONLY use Sprint with the phone... now how does that work? $40? $35? Any takers???

Posted by Jody @ 06/24/2002 09:37 AM PST

I kind of enjoy using my sprint phone.... to mix drinks and throw against busses.

Posted by Feg @ 06/21/2002 11:49 PM PST

Oh man, JUST LAST NIGHT this shit happened to me. My fiance has Sprint and kept bugging me to get it too so we could get those phone-to-phone minute things. Okay, fine, so I tried to do it online and it didn't work, with multiple times and two cards. It never tells me why, but eventually gives me the phone number. I call that, put the entire order through, get my new phone number, and THEN they tell me the card didn't go through, has to be the precise address, etc. Well, neither of my cards had my current address on them 'cause I move around a lot, so I went to the bank, got it all changed, they said everything should be fine. I called last night, and it STILL DIDN'T FUCKING WORK, and we tried the different apt. # crap too, and "well, I have no idea why it's not working." I told them to take me out of their system, because I was obviously not meant to get a phone from them. GAH. Maybe I will cave in and get that AT&T like my parents were nagging me about. I'm thinking of just ditching this whole fucking cell idea entirely, except I travel a lot and have to let people know when I'm gonna be late AGAIN.

Posted by Jennifer @ 06/21/2002 09:35 PM PST

I also despise sprint for a lot of reasons but to address the pay by check comments ... this world is trying to do away with paper but sprint charges me 5 bucks to pay my bill any other way including cash.. so I cahrge them the 10 bucks it cost me to get a check written from my bank they didnt like that much so we are at an impasse. I have had them for almost a year now and as soon as my contractual obligation is up i am switching you bet ....here is my tale...
i ordered a sprint phone and they send me the wrong phone i call and they tell me to take it to the store to exchange it .. my next day off i do its 35 mile to the nearest store so after i finally get there i am told i did not get there within the alloted two weeks and am now stuck with the obsolete model unless i want to buy the phone i was opriginally sposed to get angry i go home and lo and behold my first nasty collection notice has arrived keep in mind that i have only had the phone for two weeks and havent even been billed yet. yes claire sucks i get aperson and they tell me i shouldnt be in collections cause there screen doesnt show it (what a surprise) that they will fix it and send me confirmation it comes and lo its a 2nd nasty collections letter they fixed it by charging me a late fee how nice. i callled back spent 45 minutes on hold am cahrged 3 bucks to talk to a human being again and told them cancel me. at this point i am told i have an account spending limit because of my credit ?????? i signed up because the ads and the sign on the store said no credit check plus i have a good credit standing. i know my scores thank u and they are adequate and then some so why is this?? i havent established credit with their company..all companies do this so watch it even sbc and ameritech as well as the gas and electric utilites CYA get everything in writing and read what you sign people no over the phone deals....the answer that well other companies do it prompted my response if everyone jumped off a bridge would u?? apparently so for businesses.anyway when my contract is up i am done as i will not pay the stupid contract break 150 fee either. i didnt charge them for not living them up to their end of the deal but i certainly should of i guess.

Posted by girlx @ 06/21/2002 07:40 PM PST

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Posted by An American @ 06/21/2002 07:16 PM PST

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Posted by adam @ 06/21/2002 03:17 PM PST


Posted by RADIO SHACK HATER @ 06/21/2002 11:52 AM PST


Posted by SPRINT HATER @ 06/21/2002 11:51 AM PST

I used to work for Sprint before they did what was fondly known as "downsizing with predejudice" - essencially nickle and dime you with write ups so they can "fire you with cause" and thus not have to pay unemployment - but this is a very common problem we had when I worked there.

I don't know if this issue is unique to Sprint or if other companies encounter it as well, but if the addy on the card and the Sprint computers is off in even the slightest way, the system won't accept the card except if you're paying in the store itself.

Posted by Cigarskunk @ 06/21/2002 08:19 AM PST

I had the same problem that you had with Sprint. I tried updating my address and it still wouldn't take my payment. I finally had to cancel my card and get a new one which had my new address and it's worked fine since then.

Posted by Jesse @ 06/21/2002 07:01 AM PST

I owe sprint 39 cents. They keep sending a bill. They're spending more in paper, printing & postage just to send it. I'm thinking about sending them a check for 40 cents, and then demanding my penny refund.

Posted by nik @ 06/21/2002 06:46 AM PST

Think about what it would be like if the federal government ran the cell phone companies. It would make all of these problems look a lot better, wouldn't it?

Posted by Greg @ 06/21/2002 06:44 AM PST

I've never had any problems with sprint. They were slow as hell getting my phone, but the service was great.

Posted by P55MK @ 06/21/2002 04:56 AM PST

Get this from the losers...SPRINT. they sent me a bill for $100.49....then I get a bill for $12.37 ( I have 2 phones) so I went to website and it said I owed $12.37...so I called customer service, I first got that loser Claire...then got a rep, with a previous recording saying it would cost me $3.00 to talk to her, oh please, anyway she said Yes, you owe us $12.37 only. I said ok, I will send it in, in your envelope, then I get a bill for 400.00....imagine that....with my $12.37 payment posted. I said where did this large amount come from, they said I did not pay last month. I said my bill was $12.37 and they said "We did not send you a bill for $12.37. I said why would I send only $12.37 and send it in YOUR envelope you sent me. They said we did not send you a bill for that amount.....they need to get off the computer system, hire some component people and manually bill these customers. They have the worst BILLING system and customer service people I have ever worked with in my life..I have 2 phones and I need to get another carrier who knows what they are doing...I can not wait to get rid of these phone. Nothing but a pain every month. I dread calling their customer service and getting their incomponent people and staff, and each dept does not know what the other dept is doing..I can go on forever, I have called so many times, but I am sick of hearing myself......Sprint sucks, and they are the worst company I have ever had the experience of working with. I hope they fold.

Posted by Kasey @ 06/21/2002 04:02 AM PST

Sprint sucks big time.....I have had so many problems since I have had this phone....I don't use all my minutes but they send me a bill for way over the minutes. Claire can jump off a bridge, she is worthless and Sprint thinks they are saving money by not having a "real" person that they have to pay benefits to. I bet she never gets a raise....anyway.....my bill right now is 242.00 and I just paid them 300.00.....I do not use that phone that much.....it is ridiculous, and I call them and they say, you made the calls, you have to pay. Then I talked to Nelson a supervisor and he said if you have any problems, call me back. I call back and no one knows who the hell Nelson is.....amazing.....they have sucked every dollar they can...they put charges on your bill...incoming, incoming,incoming...who knows who they are..no number listed..but you have to pay them...I think they just have a random billing system that puts calls on bills....I hope this company folds....and soon...I want out!.....

Posted by Kathy @ 06/21/2002 03:56 AM PST

Dude, take the dildo out of your ass, and the cock out of your mouth, and get a fucking life. It's a goddamn cellphone for Christ's sake. For the love of Jesus, shut the fuck up, cancel your service with Sprint, and buy a pound of clues.

Posted by Clara @ 06/21/2002 03:50 AM PST

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Posted by LA RAZA @ 06/20/2002 11:39 PM PST

I solved all of my billing problems with Sprint. It was actually pretty easy... I switched to Verizon. Things are much better now. No more moronic assholes, just the normal regular sort of assholes.

Posted by Brat Wizard @ 06/20/2002 10:38 PM PST

I solved all the billing problems, I do everything threw a local phone company so I can just walk up to the nice lady behind the counter and give her the bill. And any issues I can address right there, in person. And my phone company won't take credit cards so I don't have any of the credit card problems. :P

Posted by Fuzzy @ 06/20/2002 10:04 PM PST

I had problems with Sprint all the time, too. Like the fact that they said I have so many minutes left for free, then I use the phone to call, and it says I can't because I've gone over my minutes. So I just said fuck that and switched to Vorizon.

Posted by Miko @ 06/20/2002 10:03 PM PST

Pork 'n beans.
Beans 'n pork.

Posted by Pork'n beans @ 06/20/2002 09:36 PM PST

Amazing. Here's an idea: since cell companies suck so much ass and they can never get their shit together, why don't we just NOT USE CELL PHONES FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN?!?! Life evolved on this planet and existed for millions of years before the invention of the cell phone. I'm certain it can continue to exist and function without them. Sure, they're an incredibly useful tool that could save loads of time and trouble and make life more convenient in several ways, but the bloated, gluttonous, profiteering companies that have grown up to support the commercialization of the technology have obviously caused them to become much more INCONVENIENT than they are convenient. If you save on average 10 hours a month not having to go out of your way or look for a phone to make calls from, but you're spending 25+ hours a month on hold and talking with idiot customer service reps who don't know and don't care, then YOU ARE LOSING! Why let them continue to take, even steal (when they fuck up the billing and double-hit your credit card then take months to correct the mistake and only give you credit on your bill as payback), your money when they obviously don't deserve it? We are letting technology evolve our culture instead of evolving our culture and including modern technological tools as a part of it. Don't let the robots take control of their creators.

Posted by SSr0dent @ 06/20/2002 09:33 PM PST

Sprint might suck, but try working at cellular one!....uh...when u have to deal with people like yourself all day and all the information we ever receive is what upper management decide to tell us...and when systems go down...its the CEO's overloading the servers with their porn habits ;) ... happens all the time

Also, cell phones in all just suck big ones...dont ever get a cellphone, what a waste of time and money....pffft...if it was important they would try to find you and tell you the message :)

Posted by Disgruntled Employee @ 06/20/2002 09:24 PM PST

i broke my wookie

Posted by me @ 06/20/2002 08:43 PM PST

Sprint has retards working for them, here’s why. I ordered a $300 phone from them, 3 days later I found out they ordered the wrong model when I went to pick it up. A week later I went back to get a second phone $120 and they gave me the wrong model again. During this time I unsuccessfully tried to get my number blocked so it won’t show up on caller IDs. I called them 5 times, each time they said it was fixed. It was still unchanged at the time I dropped Sprint (3 weeks later). About two and half weeks into my service with Sprint, they turned my service off. They said I had a $700 bill and I would have to pay it before they would turn my service back on. I went to the web page to check my bill and there wasn’t a balance. The bill for my 2 phones and service shouldn’t have been more then $500. I went to their store to see what the deal was with my bill, they had no clue where the extra charges came from. I got pissed off and told them to cancel my service, they did and my balance was at $0. Last week I received a bill from Sprint for $960!!

Posted by Sprint blows @ 06/20/2002 08:43 PM PST

Sounds to me like Sprint actually was trying to be helpful and that the problem was actually with the person on the other end of the phone.

I agree with several of the other people..How about sending a check or would that require a bit more focus than your ADD ridden brain can muster?

Posted by Scott @ 06/20/2002 07:56 PM PST

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Posted by Democrat @ 06/20/2002 07:51 PM PST

Now we know where all the Republicans come from.

Posted by Democrat @ 06/20/2002 07:51 PM PST

Now we know where all the Republicans come from.

Posted by Democrat @ 06/20/2002 07:51 PM PST

Now we know where all the Republicans come from.

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Now we know where all the Republicans come from.

Posted by Democrat @ 06/20/2002 07:50 PM PST

Now we know where all the Republicans come from.

Posted by Democrat @ 06/20/2002 07:50 PM PST

Now we know where all the Republicans come from.

Posted by Democrat @ 06/20/2002 07:50 PM PST

haa-haa you Americans can't do anything[1] right, we in the civilized world do not have such problems with our mobile phone operators

[1]Ok, Fark is done right... but then again, it involves beer imported from Europe

Posted by Random Eurotrash @ 06/20/2002 07:48 PM PST

I haven't tried Sprint, but you guys should try dealing with VERIZON. Every motnh my bill was sky high, and the wrong plan was printed on the bill. I had to call in and get it fixed for 6 months straight....and it got so bad that a manager "let" me upgrade my plan to fix it...upgraded to 300 anytime, 4000 night and weekend, nationwide. So I called in to get it upgraded on the day he says...the lady is typing away..tells me as of midnight I would be all set...I go in to pay my bill a week later, and ask them why my voicemail, etc is not working "oh, you don't have the new plan" So, yeah, I used that fora week thinking I had a ton of minutes.....oh, and don't be so confident at paying at the stores...I payed with a debit card a while ago, got the receipt. Yeah, well, I got a letter in the mail a week 1/2 later saying the payment had not been recieved. I had to fax in a copy of my bank statement to prove I had payed, despite having a reciept..and they refused to give me, in writing, that my credit had been credited! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Posted by bonzy @ 06/20/2002 07:28 PM PST

I have a good one. My sister lived with me for about a year. Then see moved when i got married and did the change of address thing with the USPS. Well the the stupid postal people send all of my mail to my sisters new address. In the process they send the new address to Sprint. Well the first time wasn't bad, i got my bill from my sister and called Sprint to change the address. They were nice and said it was changed, I also said that my address should not be changed again unless i personally call and do it. Well for the next three months the assholes at Sprint send my bill to my sister. so recently i called back and ripped the customer service person a new one and they said it was changed, we'll see how long this one lasts.

Posted by IAN @ 06/20/2002 07:16 PM PST

SPrint PCS sucks. We just don't pay them until the website works. I dropped them for our office and home long distance. They had a glitch and did not send us a bill for 2 months straight. We were notified because a collection agency started calling. Talk about pissed off, we don't ever run balances on anything so it was a bit of a shock.

Posted by SprinPCS Sucks @ 06/20/2002 07:14 PM PST

www.Sassette.com is the smurfiest!

Posted by Sassette @ 06/20/2002 07:05 PM PST

It puts the lotion in the basket.

...oh, I give up, that's enough for now. Tastes like chicken.

Posted by Drew Sucks Dick @ 06/20/2002 06:55 PM PST

All your bases are belong to us

Posted by Spankweed @ 06/20/2002 06:53 PM PST

Ever thought about MAILING a payment?

Posted by ben @ 06/20/2002 06:52 PM PST

prepaid is nice if you are like me and don't use the damn phone much.

of course I eventually found I could no longer afford prepaid either. it sucks to be poor.

Posted by icecycle @ 06/20/2002 06:48 PM PST

Dude - just pay with a money order or a check this month. Just once, it won't kill you. By next month things will be smoothed out. Take a deep breath, it's not really as bad as you're pretending it is.

Posted by Roy @ 06/20/2002 06:47 PM PST

Sprint fucking sucks donkey for a quarter, swallows, and gives change. Everything you mention about Sprint on this page has happened to me too. My service when I signed up was to be $39 per month and the last 4 months the bill has been $160 each month and I don't even use the phone. You call to bitch and their broken engrish minorities just go over all the taxes on taxes on taxes that cause the bill to quadruple.

Fuck Sprint in their stupid mouths.

Posted by Joe @ 06/20/2002 06:46 PM PST

I was part of an organization (which to avoid pissing off possible sponsors will remain nameless) which had phones and service donated by Sprint for an event we were involved in. Halfway through the event, our service stopped working. We had a bill so large that even if we had left all the phones on, talking to people, on analog roam from the moment we picked them up from Sprint, we could not have racked up such a bill. Their customer support folks bounced us in circles for a while and kept telling us that they don't donate service, and we must be mistaken. The corporate office was quite kind about things once we got their attention, but wading through their service drones was hell. Once we got the billing issue fixed, our service wasn't restored for a few more hours after that.

Posted by C @ 06/20/2002 06:42 PM PST

I totally agree, I ve tried to get my pass coe to pay on line and after 10 times they have yet to text message it to me and forget about calling the 800 number I don't have the time and if your lucky and get through the idiots that work there don't know shit!

Posted by Kat @ 06/20/2002 06:35 PM PST

I owe Sprint money, so my laughter while reading this piece had an edge.

Posted by Hytes Xian @ 06/20/2002 06:35 PM PST

They hadn't sent me a bill in about two months, so I called. They had my address changed in their system. Not alot, but enough so that it wasn't getting to me. One number off on the zip code, the street name truncated, etc. And then they tried to charge me late fees.

About a month after that hell, I bought a new phone and because I switched service on the phone, they tried to charge me a $150 cancellation fee.

Posted by jabberwocky @ 06/20/2002 06:33 PM PST

You people are serious wastes of space on this planet. Why not, instead of bitching about Sprint, just go outside and get a bunch of your neighbors together by telling them that you have something cool to show them. Then when they show up tell them all how you're such whiney little bitches and then shoot yourselves or something. . . anything just get rid of yourself for us.
Thanks again for following thru.

Posted by donkey hole...the rear one @ 06/20/2002 06:32 PM PST

This dude was a COMPLETE idiot. Listen, retard, go to your fucking bank, get some cash from the ATM and take it to the Sprint PCS store to pay your bill. You will NEVER have a problem if you do this, even if you change your credit card every fucking day of the year!!
Seriously, what kind of back woods hillbilly morons raised you, anyway? You're one of those idiots who would rather take the hard way to do something, then sit around a bitch about how it's someone else's fault. Nope! It's your fault. You are a retard. Slower than the average blind, retarded monkey. Go buy yourself a big cage (use cash, idiot) lock yourself inside, and fling poop on passers-by. Be sure to scratch your armpits and smell your fingers after--it's only fitting of a dipshit like you.
In the mean time, the rest of the world will continue to progess, learning from our mistakes as well as those of others. Personally, I think I'm going to go create perpetual motion. I have a better chance of succeeding at that, than you do succeeding in life.
And try not to get your stupid self fired from work because of all that screaming. Ya know, they ARE paying you to work, numbnut!

Posted by Albert Einstein @ 06/20/2002 06:29 PM PST

Stick with some flavor of Bell Telephone - they invented the whole phone phenomenon and have a better idea of what the fuck is going on at any given time

Posted by EllJay @ 06/20/2002 06:26 PM PST

I had the same problem with sprint, i want to beat the shit out of "claire"

Posted by mofo @ 06/20/2002 06:21 PM PST

Sprint isn't the only one that sucks. Check out Verizon Sucks

Posted by George W. @ 06/20/2002 06:19 PM PST

tracfone :)

Posted by ericb45696 @ 06/20/2002 06:13 PM PST

FARK sucks ass.
Drew is a fuckn moron.
Yellowtimes.com sucks too.

Posted by Bill Gates @ 06/20/2002 06:05 PM PST


Phillipsusa sucks ass too.

Don't ever buy a phillips product. They won't support their own warrantees.

Posted by borg389 @ 06/20/2002 06:04 PM PST

I had Sprint PCS for about a year, which served as my business phone number. For some reason I was paying almost $200-$300 a month, though my call volume wasn't that high to justify the cost. Each month I would pay the higher amount until one day my phone was temporarily disconnected. When I called Sprint PCS I was told that I hadn't paid my bill (which I had not received). I kindly asked why I was not given a warning for disconnecting my business phone. "We don't give warnings." I had never registered a late payment before that payment. I immediately cancelled. (I was told that I would be charged $200 for cancelling early. Yet I was never charged that. My last bill was $138. I waited another month and then it became $63.40. I waited another month and it remained $63.40, so that's what I paid. If it had been higher, like $200 higher, I would have fought it in court.) Sprint PCS is dangerous. Say no, to Sprint PCS.

Posted by DanVovak @ 06/20/2002 05:54 PM PST

The mail system still works.
You could have said "your system isn't allowing me to pay, please make a note of that and waive and late fees".
Did you want the customer service people to fix the system?

Posted by WithaK @ 06/20/2002 05:54 PM PST

Get over it, dude. You want a million free minutes, free ld, free roaming, all for pennies a day, but you expect world class customer service? They don't go hand in hand. You pick the cheapest service, expect the worst service. Billing problems happen. Shit happens. Deal with it. No need to jump off a fucking bridge.

Posted by Sean Bonner @ 06/20/2002 05:34 PM PST

Why didn't you go to your local Sprint store?

Posted by MURBIKE @ 06/20/2002 05:33 PM PST


Posted by Mister Voice @ 06/20/2002 05:29 PM PST

I had a sprint PCS phone stolen in Manhattan. I called up and tried speaking to Claire for 10 minutes finally got redirected to a person. Yet then sat on hold for 20 minutes... 30 minutes wasted standing on the street bitching into my gf's cell phone. and then... *CLICK*

Freakin idiot answering phones fcked up and hung up on me. I just know they're sitting there going "Ooops! They'll call back"

This time... I call back, go into a stream of profanities at Claire, and amazingly after 2 minutes of swearing, someone immediately came on. I told them what happened, and then complained that almost 35 minutes have passed since I first called to report a stolen phone.

They shut down the stolen phone and said "Thank you for using Sprint PCS" I said "Nope"

Posted by Bob C Dodge @ 06/20/2002 05:08 PM PST

I am touching myself right now.

Posted by Morgen's Mother @ 06/20/2002 04:49 PM PST

I had problems with sprint, was getting $700 bills when i use a phone for a total of 10 minutes a month. Claire dont want to talk about the weather so they put on humans. Humans fuck up, i want claire back, about as productive.

Posted by invis @ 06/20/2002 04:43 PM PST


Posted by ANTI SPRINT @ 06/20/2002 04:37 PM PST

I sent a thank you card to the guy that raped your mother.

Posted by Scraping Fetus @ 06/20/2002 04:26 PM PST

My cat's breath smells like catfood.

Posted by Fnord @ 06/20/2002 04:22 PM PST

Flip the ruler to the other side Arami76

Posted by DumbAss @ 06/20/2002 03:51 PM PST

My cock is bigger than all of yours. Oh, and I don't have a cell phone.

Posted by Arami76 @ 06/20/2002 03:47 PM PST

First, Ron ... you're a tard.
now... with that said... I will continue.
Sprint took $250 from me (ontop of what I had paid them which had already settled the bill) after a CC change. (long story short) After 6-8 hours on the phone with sup's and mangr's the story I got out of them was.

1 - They cannot verify how much I gave them for another 2 billing cycles.

2 - They have no means of communication to the dept that investigates these matters (aka - collections)

3 - There really isnt a collections dept like they had orginally told me. (aka - they don't investigate... they just "hope" that things will work out)

4 - and that if I were to cancel now they would still charge me for 2 billing cycles untill the cancel order went through.

(and this is just some of the obsurd contradictions I ran into over the course of a few phone calls... the fuct thing is ... statement 2+3 came from the same manager.... makes me wanna jump off this crazy rock).

so I called back and after taking my anger out on Clair (000000000000000000000000.... 0) I advised the customer service monkey to kindly CANCEL MY FUCKING SERVICE BEFORE I SHIT DOWN HER... you gwet the idea.
upon which they offered me a wonderful package to stay with them ... they would double my anytime minutes and give me unlimited nights and weekends for the same price I was paying... I told her where to stick it, got my ticket number and went to VoiceStream (T-Mobile).
all is well. balance has been restored...


who taught that tard how to connect to the internet anyway!?!?!?

Posted by Kern @ 06/20/2002 02:56 PM PST

100000000000000000 REPLIES BY XMAS

Posted by 1000000 replies by lunchtime @ 06/20/2002 02:53 PM PST

if we take the natural stupidity of everyone into account already, the reasons for this are DOWNSIZING, and moving things onto online/automatic payments and shit.. to reduce costs (ie no staff to do the work, just some bunch of computers running on NT4)
the answer to this is to BOYCOTT paying bills electronically, at least until they do it for OUR benefit, not theirs.... and that means not to reduce staff, but to make life easier for us.. they need REAL PEOPLE.. WITH A CLUE.. on hand for when it screws up. which is often.

Posted by monkey @ 06/20/2002 02:50 PM PST

HAHA!! Sprint works great for me!! Cheap service too!! 1000 anytime, 3000 night and weekend, 500 pcs to pcs, free long distance, and 1st incoming minute free all for the low low price of $35.99. Comparable plan at AT&PEE or Verigone was $80 or more! HAHAHA!!

Posted by joe blow @ 06/20/2002 02:44 PM PST

Sprint sucks ass. Anyone who signs up for their service deserves the bullshit they put you through.

Posted by I like juice @ 06/20/2002 02:27 PM PST


Posted by Senior Tinkle Pants @ 06/20/2002 02:18 PM PST

Jeebus, that sounds like a heaven of simple and fun user service. You should try dealing with British Gas or British Telecom if you want *real* incompetent monkeys dealing with you. It's taken me *six months* to get things sorted out with British Gas after moving house.

Lighten up, you've got it easy. Believe me. :)

Posted by Adrian @ 06/20/2002 02:10 PM PST

Very constructive suggestions...

Posted by Gsan @ 06/20/2002 01:51 PM PST

Sprint trains its customer service reps to be as incompetent as possible to cut down on customer call volume (nobody wants to deal with them). Plus they train them to lie, but that's just for fun.

Posted by Mason @ 06/20/2002 01:41 PM PST

blow me

Posted by blow me @ 06/20/2002 01:23 PM PST

do not forget that those types of call-centers have such a high turnover rate, that anyone you speak to on the phone wont know jack about jack, in this case jack about sprint, but never the less, that teaches these stupid companies that their shit really does stink, however in the end you end up having to bitch at them some more to get them to drop the late fees that incur because they can not get their systems functioning.....

Posted by Nisp @ 06/20/2002 01:13 PM PST

ITS TEH GHEYYY!!!!!11111

Posted by jeff @ 06/20/2002 01:13 PM PST

They did the same to me with my credit card. I switched to AT&T. They suck too.
Like my uncle told me, if you're gonna get raped, you might as well lay back and enjoy it.

Posted by Jay @ 06/20/2002 01:10 PM PST

Drew banned my account a year ago.
DAMMIT unban me

Posted by sdystyk @ 06/20/2002 01:10 PM PST

Ummmm, how about USE A CHECK?

Posted by Jeff @ 06/20/2002 01:09 PM PST

My cats breath smells like cat food.

Posted by Flaystus @ 06/20/2002 01:07 PM PST

Southwestern Bell wireless sucks, they are now called by another wireless server name (can't remember). I received a letter saying I was eligible for service because of my good credit. So I call and they want a deposit, activation fee and first months service. Not to mention a hundred dollars for a phone. Added up to like over two hundred dollars. Well, next day I went down to the local place and walked out with a phone and service and payed nothing except the first months bill when it came in the mail which was a little over thirty bucks.

Posted by Cara @ 06/20/2002 01:02 PM PST

Yeah, my experience paraphrases as follows: "Oh, well evidently the plan you signed up for was not entered into the computer correctly so you owe us for the long distance charges of 682.45 since you didnt contest the charges within the 10 day period of time". Much to their convenience, I was on day 11 the moment the bill hit my mailbox.

Posted by DKA @ 06/20/2002 12:56 PM PST

Morgen... You sound like a dumb bitch.

Posted by Dean S. Planet @ 06/20/2002 12:54 PM PST

My mom sucks.

Posted by son @ 06/20/2002 12:53 PM PST

I smell like tinkle.

Posted by Jesse @ 06/20/2002 12:52 PM PST

PCS did that to me too, I feel we should burn them down. Who's with me???

Posted by mi-z-ike @ 06/20/2002 12:50 PM PST


Posted by Ron LeMay @ 06/20/2002 12:47 PM PST

Zerizon sucks more. not only will they not let me pay they said they will take me to court over money i apperantly dont owe.

Posted by monkey @ 06/20/2002 12:42 PM PST

So did you get to pay the bill or what?

Posted by Mistah Obelix @ 06/20/2002 12:42 PM PST

Impatient people suck. Shoot yourself.

Posted by kyleh @ 06/20/2002 12:39 PM PST

Sprint sucks.

Posted by mike @ 06/19/2002 04:29 AM PST

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