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06/26/2002 Entry: "REVIEW: Minority Report"

Safe part: OK...saw this the other night. My immediate opinion is that I enjoyed the movie while I was there, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, or rush out to see it again myself. It's much closer to A.I. than Raiders of the Lost Ark in the Spielberg catalog which is NOT a good thing if you ask me. There's a lot of things happening that you have to say "OK, I'm just going to go ahead and believe that" because if you try to rationalize it you will realize it doesn't work, AND probably miss some other part of the storyline.

Now the not so safe spoiler filled part: WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH THE STORYLINE?? They kept adding and building up all this stuff and then never following through on it. Like the Eye replacement doctor - why did they go through that whole thing about how John had busted him years before and he'd been rapped in jail and how he was going to "repay the favor" if he didn't do anything except give him the new eyes he wanted in the first place? And how the hell did John's wife get his eye so she could beat the scanners? Was it in that of supplies from his desk or whatever? NO WAY I'm buying that. And how come the Advertising has retina scanners that can pinpoint your eye from 20 feet away to program the ads just for you, but the FREAKING POLICE HEADQUARTERS only have scanners that you have to look into so that someone HOLDING AN EYE IN THEIR HANDS can easily fool? And speaking of the cop shop, the pre cog room, that HUGE person size drain the bottom of the pool? Really now.. give me a break. And what about the lady who invented precrime, the old gardener lady, she's all disappointed in how it turned out and separated herself from the program years ago right? Then how the hell does she know about the conversations and motives of people who just showed up at the offices that day? and am I the ONLY one who noticed that the cops cars are totally ripped off from the Slave 1 design? So yeah, it's FILLED with all this crap that makes the storyline near impossible to follow because it just doesn't make sense. And George, I mean Steven, kept adding all this eye candy to what seems cover it up. Like, "well I know that doesn't add up at all, so I'm just going to throw in these plants that are intelligent to wow you for a second and never explain them and hopefully you will forgot the other part right away." (ooops, guess I was thinking of some other director that does the SAME thing) The people I went to see the movie with couldn't remember any details of the movie the next day, so I guess that plan worked.

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i totally agree. alot of the futuristic things in the movie were just pointless. like the part in the car factory...if you need to make a quick escape from the cops...just go have a car built around you. lol it is fail-safe. also, the movie should have ended about 30 minutes short of where it did. i mean that movie just dragged on energizer bunny style. too many plot twists = bad.

Posted by brad @ 06/28/2002 09:02 PM PST

your mom sounds like a whiny bitch.

Posted by zyzzx @ 06/26/2002 11:54 AM PST

The dude who forgot the details sounds like a whiny bitch.

Posted by Big Joe @ 06/26/2002 11:44 AM PST

FUCK YOU DUDE! This is the best movie Speilberg has ever made! You must suck!!

Posted by bob @ 06/26/2002 08:34 AM PST

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