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08/21/2002 Entry: "when down turns to up"

The internet is one crazy MF. It's all about keeping people in touch and "connected." While it's true, i'm in touch with more people these days, I think the ones that aren't right next to me, seeing a movie with me, or going out to dinner, miss a good chunk of what I'm doing. Not that what I'm doing is any more important than anything anyone else is doing anywhere, but I'm equally surprised and disappointed when people hear about things I'm working on and are surprised. Not that they don't know, that I hadn't told them earlier.

This is more a note to friends and family who read this site and e-mail me all the time asking what the hell is going on. I don't get a chance to reply nearly enough, and when I do, it's short and lacking all the useful details. I've never been good at keeping in touch, and regularly hide in 18+ hour work days. Oh well. At least I know I suck.

Anyway, this is a quick wrap up of some things going on that I've mentioned here before, and hopefully told you about at one point or another. Some of this has me more excited than anything else in a really long time. I like that. I like it a lot.

SIXSPACE - we get the keys to the gallery in a week. Caryn's been up all hours talking to people and getting the show schedule for the next year, that's right THE NEXT YEAR all mapped out. She's inspireing. I've never met anyone else in my life with such determination and choke hold grip on what she wants. If you were to have asked her 10 years ago where she wanted to be today, while the locations might be different, career wise and what she's doing, she's already 10 steps ahead of herself. Most of the details are on the site. If you are in LA, please come out to the opening. It's going to rock the world.

BONROP - I'm swamped with freelance work. Which is amazing. It's really hard for me to believe I left playboy almost a year ago and haven't had a real job since. A few things I'm working on right now are a book that will be published sometime this year by Last Gasp, a line of shirts for Catch 22's next tour, all the label work for On Deaf Ears music, the next Downset record layout, and a few other projects thrown in for good measure.

BURNING BRUSH - the next auction is all set to go. We've listed the new details on the site and I'm waist deep in redesigning that whole thing from the ground up. Burning Brush is cool because it's something totally new, and really fan driven. I like that a lot.

THE BOOK - we're still writing it. There's people, agents and what not looking at it, pondering things and what have you so that's all good. They haven't sent back the stuff saying "you suck!" yet so it's all positive as far as I can say. Trust me, the second there's a big development that I can talk about on here, I will.

In fact, there sort of could be a major one shortly. It's not really the book, but it kind of is. I can't say anything but this is the thing that is keeping me from sleeping at night because I'm so excited. It's funny, because it's something I used to do a LOT of, and haven't in years, and if this heads the way it looks like it could, I'm am going to be a very happy guy. More news soon.

There's more, but I won't bore you all with it. I'm trying to keep this short and to the point.

Hopefully I will have a few moments later on to write something that is actually interesting.

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