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03/15/2003 Entry: "Government warning!"

The US government has a new website. It's another attempt at scare mongering in the style of the old "duck and cover" advice after WWII.

The fun thing is that these pictures are so ambiguous they could mean anything!

Take this one for example: If you spot a terrorist arrow, pin it against the wall with your shoulder .

Click here for a ton more>>

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great. keep up the humor. funniest comments yet about terrorism/war.


Posted by D B @ 03/21/2003 10:40 AM PST

(in the voice of "comic book store guy") This was hilarious. Best interpretations ever!

Posted by coolmom @ 03/21/2003 05:39 AM PST

Oh my God it was so funny :) I laughed to tears.

Posted by Hubert @ 03/20/2003 02:00 PM PST

very nice. although i would have thrown in the middle icon at http://www.ready.gov/radiation_visual.html
as in,
'bush's environmental record in texas speaks for itself; see diagram for details'

Posted by tomas @ 03/20/2003 12:21 AM PST

After the 7th one, I had to get up and go to the bathroom, I couldn't hold it in any longer. What a fucking hoot!!!

Posted by Patrick @ 03/19/2003 09:30 PM PST

Sorry, I thought it would show my e-mail, but it doesn't-- it's psychedelicfur78@aol.com. Thanks!

Posted by Kate, again @ 03/19/2003 08:07 PM PST

Okay, number one, this was freaking hysterical. I laughed so hard that I drooled. Number two, there was another thing like this that was about airplane safety-- has anyone else seen this? I am dying to find it. PLEASE e-mail me if you know anything about it. Thanks! :) Kate

Posted by Kate @ 03/19/2003 08:04 PM PST

Absolutely Hilarious! I am still chuckling!

Posted by Seth @ 03/19/2003 05:24 PM PST

Mr. Bonner, you are to be commended for doing your part to help the government frighten the civilian population. A grateful Washington says "thanks".

Posted by Sgt. Stedenko @ 03/19/2003 04:45 PM PST

well dun, thats class, had me in stitches! lol.

Posted by James @ 03/19/2003 03:58 PM PST

This Rocks! I'm book marking this thing for every time I start to take life to seriously. It causes uncontrollable laughter! I looked at the actual government website and it was horrifying. After Sept. 11 there was all this hype about "get on with life, get back to work, start shopping again", now this is the gov. propiganda we get: Be scared shitless all the fucking time and here's some tips for when you are in an already fatal situation. I don't know about ya'll, but if the big one hits I'm going to give myself a blow job fart up a storm!

Posted by E-Dog @ 03/19/2003 01:42 PM PST

THIS IS GREAT!!, and a comment to Crystal who didn't think it was "funnay", I would have to agree, because I don't know what the hell "funnay" is anyway. Now as far as being "FUNNY" it is funny.

Posted by lug @ 03/19/2003 11:01 AM PST

Anyone with a sense of humor HAS to think this is funny. I really haven't laughed that hard in months. This site is now my happy thought.

Posted by Tina @ 03/19/2003 07:27 AM PST

I was ready to be through reading it and I was only on the fifth one-it was stupid

Posted by shank @ 03/18/2003 02:55 PM PST

So, your name is "See An Boner"? Don't yu realize that is grammatically incorected?

Posted by dw @ 03/18/2003 01:45 PM PST

Dear God.

Posted by kris @ 03/18/2003 10:43 AM PST

That was fucking hillarious! Nice and light perspective on something serious.

Posted by S. Patel @ 03/18/2003 08:08 AM PST

What's all the hoopla this stuff was not funnay at all! CORNY!

Posted by Crystal @ 03/18/2003 06:31 AM PST

What's all the hoopla this stuff was not funnay at all!

Posted by Crystal @ 03/18/2003 06:30 AM PST

holy crap, I love it.

Posted by bsfhmareski @ 03/17/2003 08:03 PM PST

Thank you for making light of all this continous crap that the media is feeding us daily, I soooo needed something to make me laugh till my sides split...whoops there goes my lower intestine!
Hehe, thanks!

Posted by Kasia @ 03/17/2003 04:07 PM PST

Great way to start the day. Thanks for the laughs!

Posted by JoAnn @ 03/16/2003 04:06 AM PST

can't... stop... laughing.... must breathe.... tears rolling down...


Posted by Liitle Guy @ 03/15/2003 07:42 PM PST

this might be one of the best things on the internet right now

Posted by mickey @ 03/15/2003 02:24 PM PST

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