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03/26/2003 Entry: "idiot in the hizzy"

man. go out of town for one day and everything changes. Well, some things anyway. You might have noticed some new postings here by "idiot" aka "Blob". Consider him news boy extrodinaire. Blob's been e-mailing out interesting links for a while now, most of which I've found to be facinating, SO, I asked him if he'd like to put them up here as well, sort of a running archive if you will and he agreed. Expect to hear from him about once a day. If you are interested in what's going on with the world right now, and don't have the time to read 30 different websites to try ang get a clear picture, Blob is here with the cliff notes.

People keep e-mailing me asking my own stance on the war. I didn't realize it was that hard to read. I dig having politics on here, but really don't want this to turn into a news only site, so I'll keep this short. Saddam is a fuck. We all know that. the world would be a much better place without him. Agreed. The route on which we're currently engaged dosen't look like a solution to me. I don't buy that he was a threat to us. I don't buy that going in and kicking his ass will solve it. I think if anything, it's going to turn an uncomfortable situation into a nightmare. I think we just gave every wannabe suicide bomber, every terrorist-poseur, every US hating person on the planet enough ammo to do whatever it is they want. I don't think GWB has the greater good of the country as a whole as a motive. I think because of the actions of him and his, things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better. I think what's going on right now has been an objective of a whole gang of people over in DC since the early nineties, if not earlier, and they have just used the American peoples gullibility (for lack of a better word) to twist the events of 9.11.01 into an excuse. I agree with the UN on a good chunk of this. There hasn't been enough evidence shown to link Iraq to anything, not enough evidence to show they are a threat to anyone. That's just me, and the great thing about America is I'm allowed to have that opinion. Please keep that in mind when you e-mail me calling me a traiter.

As I promised the other day, here's the link to Jon Resh's rebuttal to Dennis Miller's 10 Reasons. It's a great article with some valid points from both sides. Jon also included some really great info at the end about what you can do, regardless of your opinion.

Finally... I think I've pretty much nailed posting from my Treo, however those posts probably won't be more than a few sentences at the most. I'm just saying it's a possiblity. So, combining that with Blob dropping linkage science every day, updates are going to be frequent. Better book mark the site and check it a few times a day.

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certianly. When Jon sent that to me I KNEW i had to post it. really good stuff.

Posted by sean @ 03/26/2003 12:26 PM PST

Thanks for the Jon Resh link. I actually took the chance after reading it to write a representative senator about the topic. Looks like this supposed easy war is getting more complicated each day it goes on. Testing times for optimism.

Posted by typefiend @ 03/26/2003 12:05 PM PST

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